Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Art Journal Page 2: Discoveries: How to...

I've shared my growing stash of supplies for art journaling and mixed media.  I've told you that I've been in the studio creating every day.  Well, today, I'll share one of those art journal pages.

I am finding art journaling to be care free and fun.  Being a little messy and using some of those paints, stamps and mists that I've had for way too long feels good, as well.  

Steps to completion:
  • Applied Gesso to page. 
  • Misted background with Glimmer Mists.
  • Painted using Art Anthology Gel Paints.
  • Misted template in a dark silver in 3 spots on page.
  • Stamped dragonfly image.
  • Stamped Tim Holtz quote.
  • Sponged to create textures spots in pink and yellow. 
  • Dripped mists to create splatters.
  • Dipped dabber into paints to create the dots. 
  • Out lined quotes and paint with a marker.


  1. Cool art work. Looks like a lot of fun. I have most of the supplies, just not ready to use them. Enjoy your new journey.

    1. MJ they are easy to add to your cards..just a little at a time. Such fun. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Enjoying watching you find your art journal voice.

    1. Thanks so much Sharon. I am really enjoying the process.

  3. Thanks. I'm finding quite freeing, fun and I feel artsy! LOL!

  4. Wow this one is nice. Love the colors and love how you used the sponge to add texture.

    1. Thanks so much AJ! Gotta get more sponges with different textures. Such fun!

  5. This is really lovely! I'm not at the art journaling/mixed media stage YET, but I love looking at other people's work.



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