Monday, May 13, 2013

Art Journaling/Mixed Media: List of Supplies for Beginners

If you follow my blog or me on Facebook you know that I have fallen in love with art journaling, junque journaling and mixed media.  I just cannot get enough.  I've been in my craft studio every day playing with Gesso, paints, dyes, mists and inks.  What fun.

I've been creating layouts without patterned paper (gasp) and LOVING it.  For those who know me, this is a FAR departure from my "normal" style of scrapbooking, where patterned papers rule with each layout needing to contain 3 or more patterns.  However, I find it freeing, fun and very artsy. 

I am quickly adding to my collection of paints, stamps, mists and seen by the above picture. The stash grows!

However, I thought it would be nice to share a simple list of supplies you might want to purchase or gather if you too would like to give mixed media and art journaling a shot without breaking the bank.  Many of you already may have some of this stuff in your stash.  However, there are a few essentials I think are necessary, just so you can give it a try.  Once you find your rhythm you can add to the supplies.  You might find you like art journaling or not so much.  One thing to what you want.  The coolest part of art journaling is, there are NO rules.  Do what you like!

Beginner's supply list:
  • Gesso (to prime your paper. You want to use this. It will allow your paints/supplies to go much further.
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Ink pad
  • Stamps 
  • Templates
  • Brushes
  • Mists
  • Sharpie or Copic for writing on top of paint
  • Oil Pastels (really not must have for beginners but it'll provide you with a bit of variety. 
  • Paint tray 
  • Artists Sketch Book with heavy paper to hold up to the painting and misting. 

Here is my first layout created without patterned paper.  I LOVE how this turned out.  I used a stamped image, paint, stickles, rub ons, flowers and buttons to complete this layout.  It's in 6x12 format for a special album I'm creating of friends from days gone by!

Stayed tuned more creations coming soon, including some art journaling and junque journaling pages!

Happy Crafty Monday!


  1. Wow this is pretty. I love how you high light the blue. And you did do some shopping. And thank you for the list. I was wondering where I should start. Now just have to get to the store. =)

    1. Glad to help. I hope you will join in the fun. Art Journaling is wonderful, artsy, free and so totally about you!

    2. I've seen people art journal with just color pencils or with acrylic craft paint. Myself I've been so inclined to believe that I need a whole hunch of stuff just to start, but working my way around that.

  2. I like you LO it is very artsy and eye catching.

  3. Love your additude girl. Starting with "hello beautiful" gave me my first smile for the day!



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