Hello Beautiful!

Won't you join me on a journey  of creativity, health and fun?  A journey to creating your "happy" space!  Your "healthy, crafty" life!  A life that allows you to be happy, grow, create, prosper, flourish!

My name is Tiare "Classygirl" Smith.   I am a loving wife, sister, aunt, daughter, friend, passionate paper crafter, exercise and healthy food lover, healthy lifestyle advocate, weight loss mentor, lover of all things colorful,  good, wonderful and fun!

I live an amazing life doing what I love to do!  I get to blog, create and share with amazing, beautiful people like you each day, all day or just for a few hours a day!  The cool thing is, I get to decide.    

I have been given some wonderful gifts and I want to share them with you.   My gift of weight loss and healthy living.  My gift of creativity and crafting.  My gift of positive thinking and inspiration.  My gift of gratitude.  My gift of success, happiness and love.  

My gifts are many!

I am just like many of you..someone who struggled with her weight for many years..more than 20 to be exact. Until the day I decided to change my lifestyle, eat healthy, exercise and love ME just a bit more.  Now living happily and healthily at over 100lbs down and LOVING every minute of it!  

With over 100lbs being gone...hallelujah...I have found a whole new world of fitness, food, fun and fashion!  Who knew shopping could be so much FUN!  Or jumping rope, eating out, trying new foods and just simply enjoying life a whole lot more!  My life is full!  

But alas...who also knew that this journey would be quite the adventure and that I'd find some challenges and quite unexpected questions...like why do I sometimes still see a fat girl when I look in the mirror or who knew maintaining would be a new challenge to face and overcome!  

I'm not a nutritionist.  I'm not perfect.  I still need to work at my healthy lifestyle and maintaining my weight loss.  I love to eat and try different restaurants....cause I don't love to cook, but I do!  I love shopping at all the stores that are now available to me.  I've never thought of myself as very girly...but I find this new me...loving dresses and wanting sparkly things, high heeled shoes and gasp...purses!   I just enjoy having a good time, playing, laughing, loving and simply enjoying life. 


Just like many paper crafters I began creating scrapbooks in my high school years.  Years later, after a vacation and a trip to the local Hallmark store I found scrapbooking the "safe way."  I quickly fell in love with this great hobby and became quite passionate about preserving memories and sharing this great craft with others.  My passion, degree in Marketing, desire for success and independence, as well as the support and encouragement of family and friends pushed me to turn her passion into profit.  Since learning this craft over 12 years ago, I have experienced great success in various areas of the industry as a, Scrapper for Hire, Kit Club Owner, Card Maker, Altered Artist, Designer, Event Planner, Instructor and Publisher.

I have taught for local scrapbook stores and at national conventions.  My work has  been published in numerous scrapbook magazines and idea books.  I successfully, launched a scrapper for hire business, where my first customer netted me over $800.  Also, quite successful was my venture into the monthly kit club arena, with Classy Coordinates which grossed up to a six-figure income, annually.  

I currently enjoy making sketches, teaching online paper crafting classes, hosting crop, retreats and cruises.  

I've learned a lot working in the industry and enjoy continuing to work in the industry, as well as create my own craftigoodness. 


I share the most amazing relationship with the love of my life, Robert.  A life of love, laughter, passion, respect, acceptance, romance, fun and just genuine goodness. We have a wonderful home, in a peaceful, beautiful, happy location.  We enjoy traveling, cultural events, time with family and friends.  We share a serious love of music, in it's many genres.  Who knew marriage could be this damn happy!  Happily everafter..hell yeh!


I get to laugh and be free every single day.  My family and friends are AWESOME.  I have chosen to surround myself with wonderful, positive, loving, fun, creative people in real life and online.  It is a choice.  You create your circle! Your happiness! Your cuteness!

All help me to ENJOY LIFE and allow goodness in, share goodness, be goodness.  It doesn't just come because I exist.  My thoughts, my actions, my attitudes have to be in-line.  Everyone has the power to create the life they want to live!  

I hope that through the posts I share, I am able to inspire YOU to live well, be happy, be creative, lose weight, achieve your healthy, creative goals, move more or whatever you hope to get from being here.  If I can help just one person to be happier, to be healthier, to be more creative, to be happy then my heart will be full.  

I just want to share my gifts and keep the goodness flowing all around!

I'd love to hear from you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at classygirl at mac dot com

The opinions shared herein are those of myself and/or my guests. Sometimes I receive free products to review and/or share most times I don't. I recommend that you research available sources before you purchase a product. 

I am not a nutritionist or a doctor. My tips and information are NOT intended to be a substitute for and professional guidance or counseling. The information I provide merely reflects my own personal experiences and is NOT meant to take the place of medical or nutrition advice from professionals. It is for informational purposes only

All text and images on this site are subject to international copyright and therefore may not by reproduced in any format without prior permission from Tiare Smith except in brief mention in articles and/or reviews.

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