Friday, March 2, 2012

How Do I Plan My Day/Week???

This is a question I often get, "How do you plan what you are going to eat?"  Well here it is short and sweet.

Every Sunday, I plan and shop for what we will eat for the entire week.  I decide what we are having for dinner.  Breakfast and lunch are automatic, so not much thought there.

I cook meals on Monday and Tuesday only and I always make enough for leftovers and then I alternate the meals.  For example, this week I made smoked turkey on Monday with black beans and rice.  We ate this for dinner on Monday and Wednesday.  On Tuesday I made chicken with veggie stir fry.  We ate this on Tuesday and Thursday.  Friday is Pizza Friday. I make a homemade, whole grain pizza for dinner on Fridays.  It's quick and easy.  Saturday is eat out day and Sunday is Salad Sunday.  We always have salads on Sundays.  This takes the guesswork out of the week.

Now, back to breakfast and lunch.  Breakfast is always either a smoothie, chicken veggie soup or a veggie omelette.  I alternate, as I see fit.   Lunch is always a mixed green salad with nuts, cranberries, feta, tomatoes and grilled chicken or other lean protein.  Of course, I may switch up the veggie toppings for my salad, to add a bit of variety.  By automating my meals, it makes planning and staying on track easy!

Snacks are always fruits, nuts, cranberries, dark chocolate and some type of healthier chip alternative, ie plantain chips, green bean chips etc.  To keep me on track with these, I separate my snacks into individual serving size snack bags.

Need a little more help and inspiration for planning?  Check out my Planning Your Way to Weight Loss Success video here.

Why don't you give it a try, this weekend.  See if this method helps you have a happy, healthy stress free eating week!  It works for me!

Day 2 Reason to BELIEVE: Because 2012 is your year to succeed!  It's your year to be healthy and happy!  It's your year to start enjoying your life more!  It's your year to make positive changes and feel good everyday!  Because 2012 is YOUR YEAR!

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