Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Like Crack to a Crackhead!

Many of you know that I subscribe to the no white flour, no white sugar movement.  I do NOT keep these items in my house.  Meaning I do not buy cookies, cakes, candies, breads, pastas made with these ingredients and keep them in my house.  As I've said before, these items are quite addictive.  You wouldn't put crack in the cabinet and expect a crackhead not to take a hit...why would you expect not to take a bite???

Anyway, although I haven't bought any for the house...I have allowed myself a few indulgences.  You know, buy a slice of cake here and there, an ice cream scoop etc.  Typically, as an after dinner treat...while at home.  Well, I found myself not sleeping well and feeling a bit more indigestion.  Not putting it all together, I enjoyed my weekend treats and sometimes weekday treats.  Well recently, I decided to go back to my more strict way of doing things, which for me means NO dessert, no eating after 7:30pm.  If I've got to have's a treat when we are out once a week (typically on a weekend day) and now once again...I am sleeping like a baby!  And only after a few days.  I haven't had any sweets this week and just with that small adjustment I am sleeping very well and I awake energized and ready for the day.  Oh so worth it!

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So, what is your crack?

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  1. Tiare... What a good post. Yesterday, I listened to a sermon my Pastor in GA posted about “Sacrificing”... he explained, “How the reward is greater if we just follow through with the sacrifice and tell ourselves NO!!” We need to look at the greater good or the long term good (i.e. better health, better movement etc.)… and not the immediate gratification that white flour or white sugar gives us… I know I’m guilty of having both in my house but, this year is a year of Good Changes and Great Sacrifice!!!



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