Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dude! Seriously, Yo' Breath is STANK!!!

Now you know you've been walking around drinking coffee, eating onions on your burgers, garlic in your pasta and then sitting around letting all that just brew and when you do open your mouth a MONSTER comes out!  WTF?  Why you gotta talk to me?  Am I the only one the "stanky breaths" talk to? 

Just the other day this guy comes up to just chat with me.   He's not even that close at least a counter separates us (a couple of feet) and I think I am going to DIE.  He has a wife!  Didn't she tell a brotha out.  Better yet, help a sista out.

Seriously, if know me then you know I always have breath mints and gum.  Now, if you are around and I offer you a mint I might just be showing my kindness because I'm about to pop a mint myself...but perhaps I'm offering and you should accept so you don't kill anyone else.

Yeh, yeh...I know I've gone off on a tanget but...hey I'm just sayin'!

Not so,

PS. And since I enjoy helping people out here's some information on how to prevent bad breath!  Happy Smiles!


  1. You are too funny! This is so true and I am a "stanky breath" magnet!




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