Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm Down 2 lbs!!!

It's MONDAY!  You know what that means???  It's weigh in day.  I weigh myself once a week.  It is important for being aware of where I am and knowing if I need to change it up for the week to maintain or to lose.

This morning, I am happy to announce I am down 2 lbs!  Yay!  I've been pretty strict with my no white flour/white sugar over the past week and it is paying off.  I do have 73% cacao dark chocolate with nuts and raisins every day as a tasty, healthy, sweet snack.  Yum!

How'd you do?  Did you weigh yourself this morning?  When is your weigh in day?

As I always say, if you are working towards a healthier lifestyle, I encourage you to set a day and time each week, when you can weigh in.  This will keep you aware of how you are doing on a weekly basis and allow you to make changes, as needed.

Anyway, tell me how did you do over the past week?  Up, down, the same?  Share.  I'm here to share, help and encourage you toward YOUR healthy lifestyle goal!

Hey and while you are here be sure to answer our poll question at right and also, leave me a comment.  I LOVE hearing from you!

Have a happy, healthy, creative week!

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