Friday, August 31, 2012

Get Fit Friday! Reality Check!

Things are back to normal and moving along nicely.  My weight continues to decrease at a nice, slow, steady pace.  My energy is increasing and my cravings have gone!

I am making some changes and have encountered a few challenges, that I am meeting head on.  I have just started a contract as a virtual agent and the training is for the next several weeks from noon - 8pm, which means no evening workouts for the next few weeks.  However, I can workout on the weekends and take my usual classes.  I have pulled out my weights and exercise routines to use in the morning until I can get back to my "oh so loved" classes!  No excuses.  I've got to keep it moving and it feels good.  I will not allow a schedule change to interrupt my healthy lifestyle.  I will put me first.   You do the same!

Have a super, wonderful weekend!

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