Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Freedom. Courage. Beauty.

For two years, I've been threatening to cut my locs.  I've scoured online galleries looking at photos of people with short, natural styles, to help build my courage.  I've tried to hide my locs to see what I think I'll look like...which by the way is so absolutely ridiculous since I've had a short haircut/afro before.  I've talked about it and talked about and talked about and talked about it.

Then one day, I cried, said a little prayer, grabbed the scissors and cut off the first 5 locs in the front of my hair.  I combed them out and to my surprise, I felt an awesome wave of relief.  I felt rejuvenated and thrilled that I combed my own hair for the first time in just over 11 years!

Next, I cut all of my locs and was left with short pieces of locs with some new growth.  My head and my NECK felt so light, so free, so wonderful!  For the next 3 hours I sat and detangled the left over locs and I trimmed myself a nice little afro.  I combed, I washed, I conditioned and moisturized.  I SMILED!

Through the entire process my dh spoke only kind and loving words...your hair looks so good, you are beautiful, you hair looks nice, you did a great job!  So encouraging, so loving I can't help but feel beautiful, no matter the length of my hair.

Today, 2 days later...I am still tickled that I cut it myself and I like the way it looks!  I seem to LOVE it more and more each day!  Yay!


Now here are a few pics....

I trimmed and shaped it a bit more and now I REALLY love it!

I do not live my life by the hand of fear or for the approval of others!


  1. I love your new hair style you look fabulous !!!

  2. Love the new look!!!!!

  3. Love your new style!!! You look marvelous!!!!

  4. Love your new look...Work it Tiare! You look free!

  5. Looks great! I had short hair for years, and it's all about attitude LOL!

  6. You look Great! SO MUCH like your Mom! Way to Go Tiare! :)

  7. Loving the new look. I can't imagine doing my own cut, so kudos to you...



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