Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm on FIRE!!!

Last night I had an AMAZING Total Conditioning workout (the hardest class at the club)!  I am convinced that I will enJOY this journey, push harder, stronger, faster.  I will get lean, build muscle, be energized and be healthier than ever before!  I am JAZZED!

Last night, I pushed myself to do more and test my strength and endurance and I AM STRONG!  I sweat like a pig and felt like a queen!  Dh turned to me at the end of the class and said, "Wow.  15lbs.  You are serious!" Hell yeh, I am!!!!  What you thought???  LOL!

Seriously, it made me feel good to hear him say that because it meant I really did push and he noticed!

Now, I'm ready for another day.  Feeling energized and ready for my next challenge.

Here is a quick peek at what my current weekly workout plan is:

Monday: 40 minute walk/jog
Tuesday: 1 hr Cardio Kickboxing
Wednesday: 1 hr Total Conditioning
Thursday: 1 hr Ashtanga Yoga
Friday: 40 minute walk/jog
Saturday: 1 hr Yin Yoga
Sunday: 1 hr Cardio Resistance Training

It's day 4 and I'm feeling it!

What's on my menu:
Breakfast: Homemade Chicken Veggie Soup
Lunch: Mixed greens, grilled chicken, cranberries, feta, tomatoes
Dinner: Chicken and veggies
Snacks: fruit, dark chocolate and raisins

You may notice parts of my menu are a bit repetitive...that's because I like to automate my eating! happiness and health,

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