Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Today's Reason to Believe: You'll LOVE Being in Front of the Camera!

Instead of behind.  It gives you a greater picture than you can remember.

I've been a bit busy over the past week.  I was celebrating my husband's birthday.

What a fun week.  On Facebook, I shared photos and fun facts about him for a week.  My friend's loved it because they got to learn a bit more about him.  He loved it because he got a bit of additional attention.  I loved it because I got to share my love and appreciation for him.

However, there was an added bonus.  The day his birthday arrived, I decided I wanted to document our festivities in photos.  I got some great moments and missed a few, as well.  What I didn't expect was that I'd also end up with a few photos of myself that are now my favorites.  If I'm honest, I'd say, I've always enjoyed taking photos...being in the photo.  Photos tell a great story about you.  My current story/photo is a constant reminder of the work I did to get here.  It shows that I lost the weight and how much more I am enjoying being in the picture, trying and doing different things.  The photos you see below of me say...

  • I now enJOY wearing heels
  • I like wearing make up
  • I will allow my arms to show
  • I look good in my clothes
  • I have fun going out
  • I like being in the photo even more
  • I can sit in a booth comfortably(I requested a booth...I once avoided booths because they were so uncomfortable).
  • I enjoy working out
  • I am happy!

Now for a few of the photos!
At Life Time Fitness about to work out!  

Robert looking good at 48!
At the restaurant..sitting in a booth!
About to go to dinner.

Ready for dinner.  A photo FAVORITE!

Reason to Believe: You'll love being in the photo!!!
What do your photos say about you?

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