Friday, December 9, 2011

A Little Color, A Lot of CUTE!

Well you asked for it!  Y'all know I'm a shopaholic and my friends and family are always sending me messages, leaving me messages or telling me that they want to see what I bought.

You see I am still building my wardrobe.  Who knew it would be such a chore???  LOL!  Seriously, when you make a clean sweep of your closet going from a 26/28 to an 8, you've got to replace everything including all of your undergarments, socks and shoes...well most of the shoes.  My old shoes are too big!  Yay!  There are so many occasions for wearing different kinds of clothing and this year I realized that I did not have ANY nice tops or slacks that could be worn to a holiday gathering/party.  What???  Well that's just another reason to shop!  Woohoo!

I am very grateful for the kindness and generosity of my sweet dh and my wonderful mother...for their gifts allowed me to shop for my birthday and add these great finds to my wardrobe!  Oh and I cannot forget my friend Laurie who gave me a gift card from NY&Co!

A few fun facts about my shopping:

  • All of my blouses and pants are from New York & favorite store.
  • My dresses are from Ross, H&M and the cute little tan dress with the black lines is from Papaya.  
  • The most expensive dress was $21..all others were only $14 or less!  Woohoo!  
  • They all look great with tights and tall boots...they are above the knee dresses.  Just like I like 'em!
  • My shoes are by Anne Klein and feel like I am walking on air!  Mmmmmmm!  Perfect for a day of shopping!  LOL!
  • Now, I still need a couple of nice cover up sweaters and a nice pair of heels.  Nope...I don't own any...just boots with heels.  The old ones are too big and had to be given away to charity.  Yay!
  • I'm going shopping next week!  I haven't depleted my birthday fund!  Woohoo!
Well there you have it!  Are you a shopaholic?  What is your favorite store?  What great find, did you come across recently?

Share and have a happy, shopping, weekend!

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