Thursday, December 8, 2011

10 Fun Facts About MY Birthday!!!

  1. There is NO Christmas at this house until after my birthday!  It's all about my day...until the next day!  
  2. I get to start my day off dropping by the doctor's office to do some labs!  Yay!  I get poked this morning...and not the fun kinda poking.  LOL! Although...hmmmm...see #6! LOL!
  3. I bought these HOTT boots as a gift to myself for my birthday!  I’m wearing them in the picture.
  4. I am going shopping today!  What can I say. I LOVE shopping!
  5. My mom sent me a cashier's check!  This'll make #4 more fun!  The check is cashier's check because I don't like accepting money from my mom.  She always sends me checks and I don't cash them.  This year she wants to be sure I cash it.  I will and I will spend it on me...just as she intended.
  6. My dh is AWESOME!  He took the day off just to hang out with me...which makes #4 even more, more fun! LOL! He just might pay at the register!  Hmmmm?
  7. Dh is taking me to J. Christopher's for breakfast..I’ll have a spinach, roasted red pepper and Feta omelette..mmmm!
  8. 5 years ago today I wore a 26/28.  Today, I wear a size 8!  Woohoo!
  9. I’m getting a BIG A Caramel Covered Apple drizzled in dark chocolate and pecans from Chocolate Jewels today.
  10. We’ve got reservations at Fogo de Chao to celebrate (on Saturday night)!
Happy Birthday to ME!  Yay!  It's today!

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Have a HAPPY Day!


  1. Enjoy your special day...DO IT B.I.G.! :) Stop by my blog and check my "10 things about me" post.

  2. Happy Birthday Tee, you look awesome!



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