Tuesday, October 4, 2011

50 Great Reasons Why Being Fit is the Shi*!!!

Well, as many of you know last week, I joined Weight Watchers.  During that meeting we discussed 25 Reasons Why You Are Here.  We came up with a list of the reasons why we joined Weight Watchers.  My main reasons are for support, motivation, maintenance, learn and grow in knowledge and share with others.  As you begin a weight loss journey it is important to define why you want to lose weight.  Keeping your list handy can help you to stay focused, as well as provide a bit of motivation in time of need.  

The meeting inspired me to think about the reasons I am happy to be fit.  Why I am happy to have taken off over 100 lbs.  These are not only great reasons why being fit is the ish...but also good reasons for losing weight.  Listed in no particular order.
  1. I can play with the lemon twist
  2. I can eat what I want
  3. Moving is easy
  4. I can fit in an airplane seat
  5. I can stand when at a party.  I no longer look for the first available seat
  6. I can fit in the movie theater seat
  7. The furniture doesn’t squeak when I sit in it
  8. I can shop anywhere I want and I LIKE it…ok..I LOVE it
  9. I can eat in public without wondering if people are looking at me and thinking I’m fat
  10. My husband can wrap his arms completely around me…the best hugs EVAH
  11. I can go up and down the stairs many times before I get tired.
  12. Parking further from the door is fun
  13. I feel good
  14. I look good
  15. I can keep up when walking with my husband…actually now I usually walk faster than he does.  Yeh, Baby!
  16. I get to eat tasty healthy foods
  17. I can jump rope
  18. I can dance for hours non-stop
  19. I can tie my own shoes with ease
  20. My story inspires others
  21. My blood pressure is 110/50…EXCELLENT
  22. My cholesterol is 123 (49 HDL and 65 LDL)  Wow!  That’s FANTASTIC!
  23. My sex life is SUPER!!!
  24. I am happy.
  25. I am FREE!
  26. I can bend at the knees, squat, stoop and get up
  27. I look good in my clothes
  28. My husband, mom, family and friends can buy me gifts of clothing with ease…hint, hint. LOL!
  29. I can workout with the best of ‘em
  30. I can breathe easily
  31. I can fit my husband's clothing and it’s fun to wear around the house
  32. I’m NO longer the FAT girl in the room
  33. I’m energetic
  34. I’m more adventurous
  35. I NO longer think about if I’m able when someone asks me to dance, walk or run.
  36. I NO longer think about if I’ll make it back when going on a walk
  37. I am stronger
  38. I am more flexible
  39. I am willing to try new things
  40. I have more confidence
  41. I can play on the equipment at the playground…yay!
  42. I can run with my friends kids
  43. I can get in and out of the car with ease
  44. I can wear heels with ease for hours
  45. I get compliments every day
  46. I get those little "glances" from gentlemen
  47. I feel sexy
  48. I look good in photos
  49. I no longer stuff myself. I am in CONTROL!
  50. I jogged with my friend!  She has wanted to exercise with me for more than 20 years. It  made her very happy!
What are your reasons for wanting to lose weight?

Have a happy, healthy day,

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