Wednesday, October 5, 2011

5 Habits That Are Making You FAT!

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Y'all know I love me some Dr. Oz!!! LOL!   Yes, I watch daily.  I love that he is educating America...that he shares easy, natural solutions for common ailments and that he encourages total health.  Here is what I learned while watching yesterday:

5 Habits That Are Making You Fat!

  1. Low Fat Label Lover - The problem: Low fat labels make you think you can eat more.  Low fat often equals more salt, sugar and flour.  The solution: Be careful when eating from a bag or a box. Read labels, practice portion control.
  2. Eating With Others - The problem: The more people you eat with, the more you eat.  You see their food, you eat more.  Just eating with 2 other people causes most people to eat 75% more. The solution:  Pace yourself with the slowest eater or be the slowest eater at the table.
  3. Meal Multitasker - The problem: you are not aware of how much you are eating when you are eating while doing something else.  The solution: Take 15 minutes out of your day to sit at the table and enJOY your  meal.
  4. Eating Directly Out of the Package - The problem: There is no way you can approximate the # of servings you are having.  When eating out of the package you eat on average 134 calories more.  The solution: Put single servings in ziploc bags.  Grab a bag when you want a snack.  
  5. Using Artificial Sweeteners - The problem: Disrupts your regulatory system and makes you crave sweets.  It desensitizes your taste buds, which causes you to eat more.  The solution: Wean yourself off of artificial sweeteners, instead use natural sweeteners like agave, honey, coconut sap sugar.
I was once guilty of at least 4 of these (I have never been guilty #5).  I'm happy to say, I have broken the habit of most of the other 4 with the exception of #2, eating out with others.  When eating out with friends, I still must be mindful, practice portion control and be sure that I stop eating when I am satisfied and not to just keep eating because others are still eating.  It's contagious!

Sound familiar???  Which are you guilty of?  Which will you set a goal to change?

Have a Happy, HEALTHY day,

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  1. I am most guilty of #3! Then #4 and 5 and my sweetner was Splenda. Not anymore, from now on I will work on my eating habits. Thank you for the post. :)



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