Tuesday, September 20, 2011

That DAMN Soup in a Bread Bowl!

Uuugghh!  Well, I haven't had soup in a bread bowl in more than 6 years.   When I lived in Chicago, my husband and I would go to Panera on Fridays for their clam chowder and we'd always have it in that yummy, sourdough bread bowl.  You know, break up the inside and leave it in the bowl and allow the soup to soak in.  Ohhhhhh, what a delight!  

Now I knew before ordering, that the bowl was just a big ole CARB, laden with sodium and the soup would be the same...with the added fat.  But noooooo...that didn't stop me.  Bring that baby home to mama!!!  And my dh delivered.  I popped open the container, took a whiff of the delightful aroma as I looked with a slight bit of apprehension, broke up my bread and poured in the soup.  That first bite was a taste bud sensation!  Oh my, it was as good as I had remembered.  YUMMMY!  Then I sat and ate and ate...and as I was nearing the last bit of soup in the bowl, I looked at my husband and said, "Oh my, this is just too much! I'm full.  I probably should've stuck with a salad.  It'll be another 6 years before I have this again."  And I can guarantee you that, that is the truth...if I ever have it again.

Now here it is, weigh in day.  As you know, I weigh myself once a week.  It is important for being aware of where I am and knowing if I need to change it up for the week to maintain or to lose. Well...drum roll please.....

I am up 1 lb!  Yikes!  Was it the soup in a bread bowl?  Or perhaps those tasty sweet potato tortillas I snacked on most of the week???  One thing is for sure there are no sweet potato tortillas in the house this week and NO soup in a bread bowl!  LOL!  Like I said, I weigh myself weekly and I keep a journal of what I'm eating so that I can correct the following week.  No sweat...just making adjustments.

Lesson to take away: know yourself, know your OWN body.  I know that my body doesn't love carbs and one too many and I can expect the scale to go up.  I took a chance but was aware of the possibility.  Now, I can easily make corrections.  For me that's all it is...whether trying to lose or maintain, paying attention, knowing yourself and adjusting to reach your goals...without the guilt trip...just move on to the next step.

How'd you do?  Did you weigh yourself this morning?  When is your weigh in day?

Anyway, tell me how did you do over the past week?  Up, down, the same?  Share.  I'm here to share, help and encourage you toward YOUR healthy lifestyle goal!

Have a happy, healthy, creative week!

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