Friday, August 12, 2011

A "healthy" cropping I will go!

Tomorrow I'll be out celebrating Classy Coordinates 7th Anniversary with a fun-filled, ALL day crop from 10am-10pm and I am so excited.  There'll be tons of prizes, games, giveaways and plenty of food and snacks.

Many think of the weekend as "free" time, a time to let go of their healthy eating habits, to indulge in treats and many end up overeating and sabotaging their weeklong weight loss efforts.  Yes, in just one weekend you can eat enough calories to reverse ALL of your efforts from the week!  So be mindful.

Don't only plan your weekdays, plan your weekends.  You can even plan the meals you will eat out so that you don't over indulge.  Check menus ahead of time and share a dessert and/or appetizer...but not both.  Chose to order one or the other only.  Remember you can make healthy eating easy by automating your meals and planning for weekend treats.

Whether it's a crop hosted by myself or someone else, the treats and eats at the crop are never a problem for me because I know the menu ahead of time and plan accordingly.

At the anniversary crop I serve lunch, dinner and snacks.  Lunch consists of sandwiches, chips, cookies and fruit.  Dinner is pasta, breadsticks and veggies.  The afternoon snack will be Sunchips, Twizzlers and chocolate.  My plan is to bring salad for both lunch and dinner.  I will eat the fruit and veggies and I will surely have a small slice of cake for dessert and yes I may indulge in a snack of Sunchips.  Keeping my goals in mind all the time and making wise choice that will NOT sabotage my efforts to stay slim and healthy!

 Let's face it, crops are filled with tons of chocolate, high sodium, high fat goodies.  Never, exactly "health" friendly.  I bring my favorite healthy, tasty snacks and will bring my own meals, as well if necessary.  I am able to enjoy my cropping time and time with friends...guilt free!

What healthy meals can I serve at my crops to make them a heart healthy crop, without breaking the bank and also while keeping attendees happy(most are not on the same healthy eating plan)?  Any ideas?  Share.

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  1. I have some grab bags of stuff I will bring by tomorrow---one man's trash....

    Ran nine miles today---including up and around Kennesaw Mtn!



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