Monday, May 9, 2011

Eating less made EASY!

Lately, I've been playing the yo-yo game.  Up one pound, down one pound, up two pounds, down two pounds and I'd really like to get off this rollercoaster.  I realize the reason this is happening is that I've lost my focus and I'm participating in mindless eating!  One week I measure and I lose the next I don't and I gain.  It's the familiar mind game...I know what to do and I know when to stop eating.  However, statistics show that we really DO NOT know how much we are eating and the external cues can and do influence our eating, even when we know better.

Many of you are probably thinking I just need to be more mindful.  However, being "mindful" doesn't work.  That's the old familiar "willpower" attitude and you know what I say, "Willpower is not enough, you've got to change our lifestyle!"  You've got to make your environment conducive to your goals.

To make eating less easy, try these great ideas: 

  • Eat from a smaller plate.  Choose a salad plate to hold your dinner.  Statistics show we do indeed eat less when we eat from a smaller plate.
  • Use smaller bowls and cups.
  • Buy your snacks in bulk and separate into small single serving snack bags.  Even if you buy a 3 serving bag, separate it into snack bags...if you eat from the bag you'll finish the 3 servings before you know it!  
  • When eating family style meals, be sure the healthy items are those placed on the table, leave higher fat, caloric foods on the stove or counter.  The average person eats more when foods are on the table, make them healthy or simply choose NOT to place foods on the table.
  • Be sure that the first thing you see in your refrigerator, cabinets and pantry are healthy foods.  Studies show that we eat what we see first.
This morning I am measuring my snacks for the week.  I'll be measuring my food portions, using snack bags and smaller plates, all week long and EVERY week!

Love your heart. Love yourself.

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  1. Wisdom...Thank you!

  2. I am RIGHT there with you!!

  3. welcome 2 being human. I swear I need to stop playing with my weight. We can do this.



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