Sunday, October 3, 2010

What is your go to meal?

We all have them, days when you are just too exhausted to think about dinner.  On days like this (and I have them at least every other week) it helps to have several healthy "go to" meals, that require little effort and ingredients are typically on hand.  Helping you to maintain and achieve your healthy lifestyle goals.

Several of my "go to" meals are salads, tuna, omelettes, burgers or chicken grilled on the George Foreman Grill.  All typically take 20 minutes or less.

What are your favorite healthy "go to" meals?  Please share.  The more ideas the merrier!

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  1. STIR FRY-but I don't use oil, but water and some low sodium veggie broth. I use a lot of veggies (preferably fresh,but will use frozen)lots of aromatics(onions, garlic, ginger)bell pepper. For protein I use tofu, shrimp or chicken

  2. Wendy's Apple Pecan Chicken salad. It has lettuce, apples, pecans, craisins, and a pomegranate vinaigrate dressing. It is the BOMB! Whenever I feel like eating something really crazy, like Popeye's, I go to Wendy's and order this salad instead.



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