Saturday, October 2, 2010

Making Corrections

I weigh in each Monday because the scale doesn't lie.  Even when I think I've been following my eating plan and doing everything right, the scale tells the truth.  Weighing weekly also helps me to make corrections.  Making corrections can mean I need to journal more, I need to snack less, exercise more.  It can mean a number of things but it helps me to stop, take a look and correct where necessary.

I'm not a big advocate of daily weighing.  However, if Monday's number is not to my liking, I do switch to daily weighing because it keeps me honest by the day.  If I weigh each day, in the morning it helps me to plan my day.  If I notice a slight gain, I can switch up my plans to help me to maintain or lose depending on my goal and right now...I want to take off a few extra pounds...afterall, I've put on a couple and they have got to go.

I write this post to encourage those who are on this journey to weigh weekly and daily if you are not losing consistently so that you can keep yourself honest and make corrections quickly.   Just because you had a not so good day, doesn't have to turn into a not so good week.  Make corrections daily, hour by hour or better yet minute by minute.  Do not sabotage yourself over a slip up, keep yourself honest by weighing in and make corrections right away!

If I can do it you can do it to!

Have a happy, HEALTHY day.

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