Sunday, September 5, 2010

Using ScrapnFIT tips to stay on point

"I'm down 2.9 lbs. I'm really excited because I was worried about being able to stay on my program this week. I've been away at a women's leadership conference, where all of our meals were prepared for us. As I expected, most of what they served wasn't healthy, but I took Tiare's advice about packing snacks for a crop and applied it to the conference. I packed my big cooler before I left home with my healthy foods and our hotel room had a refrigerator. Every day I just packed my insulated bag with my food for the day and took it with me to the conference site. I ate a little of what they served, and supplemented it with the foods I brought. It worked out great, and I wasn't even tempted by all the desserts and chocolate that was everywhere. Thanks Tiare for inspiring me to take my food along. I love this group!!!"

I love this.  Gemiel was able to use our crop tips and apply them to other "away from home" situations to maintain her healthy lifestyle goals while at a conference.  This shows how planning truly works when you work it!

Join us on the ScrapnFIT forums for additional support and ideas for your healthy lifestyle goals.

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  1. This is very inspiring - I shall be checking the crop tips as I'm doing an all day class next Saturday.
    Sue xx



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