Saturday, September 4, 2010

Healthy tips for eating at restaurants

Today dh and I will be going out for our anniversary dinner.  We have chosen Seasons 52  as this years place to eat.  We based this choice not only on the many recommendations we have received but also on the fact that this restaurant serves appropriately sized portions, the menu boasts that ALL items are under 500 calories, they use fresh ingredients and provide nutritional information easily accessible on their web site.  I love that.  We can both easily plan our meal for the night and I can make sure my plans for the week allow for any eats and treats I want for the weekend.

Since we'll be enjoying ourselves eating out tonight, I thought it would be the perfect time to share some tips to help you enjoy eating at restaurants, as well.

Know Before You Go!

There is nothing like a tasty meal cooked by someone else! LOL! Beware these treats can be LOADED with fat, calories and sodium. Just one meal away on the weekend can reek havoc on any healthy eating plan and your weight loss efforts!

Here are a few tips to help you survive a night out at your favorite restaurant:

Have a healthy snack at home before going, like fruits or veggies to curb your appetite.

Plan ahead. Look up menu items online before going out. Plan your meal. Many restaurants nutritional information can be found on their web sites and is very beneficial in helping you make healthier food choices.

Choose bread or dessert but not both. Or skip them altogether.

Choose broth or vegetable based soups.

Get sauces/dressings on the side and avoid cream based sauces. Dip your fork in the sauce or dressing rather than pouring over your dish/salad.

Choose grilled or roasted meat, fish or poultry.

Ask for steamed veggies, rather than those sauteed in oil or butter.

Eat slowly. Put down your fork between bites. This will allow your brain to register when you are full so you do not overeat. Stop eating once you are satisfied, not full!

Ask for half the meal to be packed in a "doggie bag" immediately. What you don't see, you won't eat.

Order fruit or sorbet for dessert. If you've just got to have a "fatty" dessert, share with your tablemates and only take a couple of bites.

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  1. I like your tips. I feel really great because a couple of them I've been using already.

  2. Fabulous! Glad that you are finding the tips helpful!



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