Monday, September 20, 2010

Reward Yourself!

As you work toward your goals it is important to build in some rewards and incentives. Try not to make your rewards food! So many people do! LOL! Rewards are great little pick-me-ups that can keep you motivated.

Anyway, if you already have built this in to your goals, share. How will you reward yourself?

This is the reward system I used for my first 75lbs.

I get $1 for each pound lost from 1-10 lbs
I get $2 for each pound lost from 11-20 lbs...
$3 for each pound lost from 21-30 lbs
$4 for each pound lost from 31-40 lbs
$5 for each pound lost from 41-75 lbs

I put this money in and dh matched me. This was for my new clothes fund! That money is gone! LOL! I've spent it...but am enjoying my new clothes and shoes. I kept thinking that I'd wait until I reached goal...but my shrinking size...and way too big clothes said otherwise! (Those clothes are now big!) LOL!  Yay!

The next part of my journey was completely funded by my dh. I simply received a shopping spree when I reached my goal. Woohoo!  Somehow I reached my goal back in April and I'm still shopping!  LOL!  Shopping is so much more fun now.

And the rewards shouldn't stop just because you reached goal!  

On Thursday, September 16, I celebrated 5 months at or below my goal weight!  Woohoo!  In celebration of this wonderful day, I treated myself to a manicure.  Not only did I give myself rewards throughout my weight loss journey, I am rewarding myself for the rest of my life for being at or below my goal weight. For now my rewards come every month on the 16th of the month.  Last month it was my 1st pair of skinny jeans, this month a manicure, next month I think scrappin' supplies.  I've also given myself fresh flowers and will do so again and again.

Rewards are an essential part of this journey and can keep you motivated throughout.  Think about it, write it down and plan your rewards.  5lbs down, 10lbs down what will you treat yourself to?  

Here are a few great ideas for incentives/rewards:
A new piece of clothing
A collectible at every ?? pounds down
New scrapping supplies @ every ?? pounds down
a movie
a museum visit

The possibilities are endless.

Of course, active ScrapnFIT Forum Members will be getting certificates and bookmarks to celebrate their achievements. However, I think it's also great to have your own rewards/incentives in place. So share. How will you reward yourself?
Be Happy! Be Healthy

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  1. Great ideas! I need to work on this aspect of my journey. I've yet to give myself a reward. :) Thanks for the tips and ideas.

  2. Thanks for the great ideas. I am adding audiobooks to my list because I find I enjoy listening to books more than music when I walk.




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