Sunday, April 11, 2010

OMG! Size 10! Are You Serious!

Yes, I am!  I had on my size 12 shorts today...newly purchased and dh says, "Those look too big, when you lose a few more pounds those are gonna swallow you."   My response, "Size 10, I think those will be too small.  I never even thought to try a smaller size, I was so thrilled with a 12."  (Afterall...I once wore a 22 - 26).  Fast forward...this afternoon I go to my neighbor/friend's house and ask if she has a 10 in her closet. I want to try them on (she is smaller than a 10 but had bought bigger sizes during pregnancy).  Yep..she says and you can have them if they fit.  Well...I tried the jeans on and......
They FIT!!! Wow!  Now that is some exciting news on this Sunday afternoon!  Yay!
Thanks for letting me share.  Gosh...I was probably a Freshman in HS when I could last fit a 10!  Whoa!
Hugs, Health and Happiness!
I haven't worn a pair of jeans for more than 15 years!  Nice!  Guess who is adding more jeans to their collection???   

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