Monday, April 5, 2010

10 Healthy, Fun Facts About Me

1. I'm 80lbs lighter than when I got married 13 years ago! 20lbs lighter than when I first met my husband 22 years ago. I am currently at my high school weight!!!
2. I work out 4-5 days a week now...dedicated..don’t miss a beat!
3. I dedicate 1 hour per week to only strength & endurance training and 30 minutes to only core training per week. Just think a year ago, I only did 3 days, 10 minutes of strength training per day, 2 days 5 minutes of core training. Wow! I can now hang with the best of ‘em! Working on getting rid of my tummy and love handles...can you say, "BATHING SUIT ON THE BEACH" in any month I so choose!
4. It took me to lose 110lbs to finally feel smaller! Wearing clothes that fit, really helps! I highly recommend it during your transition.
5. I really, really want a scoop of Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream! Why in the world don't they sell ice cream at I can just have one scoop! I sure don't want to buy a quart, just to get a scoop!
6. I don’t like or crave bread anymore! What the....? Seriously? Once upon a time I thought I HAD to have bread with my salads. Now, I could care less. Had a salad the other day, thought I wanted the bread took a bite and then forgot it existed. (You think you want it and miss it and then you realize you don’t...woohoo!) I feel the same about fries! Thought a burger had to have fries served with it...not anymore...bunless with veggies works perfectly for me.
7. It took me to lose over 75lbs for me to start feeling really, really good about all my efforts. Now all I can think is why did I allow myself to gain so much weight. I was so unconscious for all those years. Not being honest with myself about my size, how difficult doing simple things had become, not being aware/ignoring how the weight and eating habits can and had created illness in my life. Now, I just want to share it with the world and help others reach their goals!
8. I now weigh less than my dh and he can pick me up! Woohoo! Frisky! ;o)
I went from a 26/28 to an 11/12...approaching 9/10. The daily compliments and shouts of, “Hey Skinny Minny!” truly are motivational.
10. I am researching the idea of returning to school to get a Masters in Nutrition. I truly want to help others reach their healthy lifestyle goals and this is one way I think I can help many..not just simply by my experience (which is very important) but my knowledge, as well.
BONUS FACT: I’ve only got 1.5lbs to go to reach GOAL!
Thanks for letting me ramble! It helps me to document the journey!
Now if you are reading’s time to POST 10 FUN FACTS ABOUT YOURSELF ON YOUR BLOG!  Do it and leave a comment, along with a link to your I can check it out.
Decide to have a Happy, Healthy Day,

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  1. Thank God for sisters like you. Your transparency is inspiring to me. I am walking in your footprints. I've lost 28 lbs since Jan 28th. I'm up to 65 minutes 4 times a week on the elliptical. When I started back in January, I could only do 2 minutes. It's by the grace of God and sheer determination that I have made it this far. I was a size 20w/22w in January. I am a size 14W/16W now. If I can get rid of this belly. The best thing about the entire journey is that I am no longer racked with the guilt I was having from sitting on my butt watching "The Biggest Loser" and other weight loss shows. My initial step was making it mandatory that if I watched a weight loss show, I had to do it while riding my stationary bike. That was the starting point 7 months ago. Keep us the good work. It's not in vain that you created this blog. From your sister, in New Mexico...Jackie



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