Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What's Wrong with Me?

OMG!  I did it again.  I jumped in feet first without regard to my own sacred space and time.  I
ignored the warning signs and my own commitment to self.

At the beginning of this year, as I do every year, I chose a word to encompass a specific goal I have in mind for the year.  This year my word is SIMPLIFY!  I tend to do much too much and give myself unnecessary tasks.

I created iClassygirl.com so that I could simply share all of my gifts with you.  I can share may weight loss, my crafting, my love, my joy, my life.  It keeps it all simple and in one wonderful place that represents me and all that I have to share.

So what did you do, you ask?

I created another blog!  What the what?  You know the one...I Make Money Crafting.  What can I say?  The wheels are always turning.   I promised myself I wouldn't do this to myself and I did!  Yes. I did.  That's the bad thing.  The other bad thing is I'm NOT going to blog at both spots.  The good thing is, I will blog about it here!  It's just one more gift I get to share.  The really cool and super wonderful thing about it is that there is an absolutely AMAZING book, From Paper Crafts to CASH that will come forth from the chaos!  I cannot wait to share it with you.  I will launch this new book in May 2013.  I've updated it since my special introductory workshop, to include more worksheets, great profiles, updated social media section and so much more.  It will be a MUST HAVE resource for anyone who has thought about turning their paper crafting hobby into an income generating business.  Stay tuned.

Now, let me apologize for losing myself!  I'm back on track and focused.  I've updated iClassygirl.com and have some amazing new posts and creativity to share with you in the coming weeks.  Getting and staying focused allows me to do what I love...share, inspire and create.  It allows me to be calm...

breathe. eat. create. amore. laugh. move. 

....which allows me to be HAPPY!

Now if you see me straying again, I give you permission to slap me upside the head or just shack me!



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