Saturday, April 13, 2013

Still Grounded, Burning Fat

Injuries suck!  Not knowing exactly why you are injured and how to heal sucks even more.  All, I know is one day I woke up and my leg hurt.  Shooting pain from my knee, up my thigh and down my shin.  Uuuuggghh!  And let me say for the record, when this pain occurs it stops you in your tracks.  It only lasts for about 10-20 seconds but every 30 minutes and I'm done!

If I refrain from using the stairs and doing my "oh so wonderful," yes I truly enjoy my hardcore classes, it feels much better.  However, just a little too much use and/or stretching and that lovely pain returns.  I've been to the doctor, nothing showed on the xray.  However, here I am still in pain.  Next, perhaps an ultrasound to look at the muscles and ligaments.

In the meantime, I have been simply grabbing my iTouch, putting on some happy tunes and heading for  the treadmill, where I enjoy a simple walk.  Yay!  Good thing is, a simple walk burns fat!  Did you know that?   It is actually better for you to not get your heart rate up too high if your goal is to burn fat.  So walking at a steady, decent pace of about 15-17 minutes per mile (for me), for about 40 minutes is a great fat burning exercise.  Not too strenuous but good for your body and soul. I make sure to do this several times a week, while I try to allow my leg to heal.

So next time you are making excuses to not exercise cause it's "too hard."  Get a hold of yourself.  Get honest and go for a walk and burn some FAT!


  1. Hope you get back to a full recovery. I went to a Zumba class today. It was a great intense work out! We usually do a walking dvd on our lunch hour daily. I needed that!

  2. Hope they get to the bottom of your pain. Pain sucks! Trust me, I know. But I continue to try to work through it... most of the time. I'll be heading to Zumba tomorrow for the first time in about 3 weeks. Wish me luck!



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