Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Making better food choices.

It's Tuesday! The weekend has passed and I have faced the scale yet another week, after enjoying dinner out with friends.

I weigh myself once a week on Mondays.  It actually is a great way for me to stay on track because I really, really do not want the scale to go up when Monday comes, so it helps me to stay more focused.

First let me share a little about our experience.  This weekend we enjoyed a meal at Altobelis Italian Restaurant with friends.  It's a small, but fun place.  They have live music and we were lucky to be there on a night when a member of the waitstaff was singing.  His voice was beautiful and melodic..you know the kind that makes you just close your eyes and take in the sweet, soothing sound.  He sang 3 songs, 1 in italian, 1 in spanish and the 3rd in english.  Amazing, wonderful, delightful.

Now onto the menu.  If you have ever been to an italian restaurant, you know that it's just pasta, pasta and more pasta with a side of pasta and breading, breading, cheese and more cheese and did I mention cheese.  Can you say, fat, fat, white flour, white sugar, salt and the like.  Whew!  I'm getting thirst just typing it.  Well, I am a planner, so I had already looked at the menu beforehand.  Great survival tip, plan ahead.  I had already chosen my meal.  I would have the Whole Wheat Pasta topped with seasonal veggies and I decided to add grilled chicken.  I am so over the "I've gotta have cheese or bread or lasagne" phase of my lifestyle change.  I'm now in the "I've gotta feel good, be happy and healthy after I consume this meal phase."  I'm into me first!

Can you say, delicious!  Wise choice.  To my surprise there were tons of veggies and not a pound of pasta.  I was very happy.  Most everyone had (breaded) eggplant parmesan.  Just about everyone at the table cleaned their plate with exception of myself and 1 other person.  I always am sure to take home 1/2 the meal.

Confession:  After dinner I shared some Spumoni ice cream with my husband.  YUM!  One of my favorites.  Something I rarely have.  The last time I had it was about 2 years ago.  You know treats are allowed.  Enjoy them in moderation.

Anyway, here we are in a new week and I had to face the scale and the results are in and I'll be sharing the results and talking about my "aha" moment tonight LIVE.  I hope you'll join me at 8pm est.   RSVP or just sign up and log in here! 

What are the dining out strategies you use to stay on track?

Have a Fit and Classy Week!

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  1. Nice article...the food looks yummy! Thanks for the inspiration. I have come to make better choices!



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