Monday, February 11, 2013

Look at those legs! HOTT!

I simply love these photos!  They keep me motivated.  Reaching your goal weight is wonderful but somehow we seem to forget the journey and begin to allow the weight to creep back up.  I admit I have gained a couple of pounds.  However, unlike the statistics which show most people who lose weight gain it all back and some...3 years later and I'm still down over a 100 pounds gone and keeping it off.  I'm working to get back to goal.  I've got about 12lbs to go.   Taking so many pictures has proven to be great motivation.  Look at those legs!  Yeh, baby!  I need those and want those legs for now and forever!

Most people who see me, tell me they don't see that I've gained...yay!  However, I am aware and my body knows.  So the journey continues.  I've gotten stricter with my eating and my exercise and I am seeing results.  This week I'm down 2lbs.  Woohoo!  Let's keep it moving!

Anyway, these photos were taken at my SIL's 40th Bday Celebration, Oct. 2010.  (Yes...I just finally, scrapbooked them...LOL!) I felt sexy, pretty, confident and brave.  I danced as often as I could and received tons of compliments from guests who had been told my story.  One lady even said, "Look at you with that hot, little body and smokin' legs."  Who me? Swoon!


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  2. Nice LO, the pretty paper compliments your cute dress!

  3. Yes m'am! Very HOTT! That is really a jazzy layout! Love it as well as your post. Congratulations on staying on top of things and kicking it back into high gear!



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