Monday, February 18, 2013

Back from the Party!

This weekend, I had the absolute pleasure of attending my dear friend's 40th Old School Throwback Party!  What a blast.

Temptation was everywhere!  However, I was prepared.  I went in with a plan.  No grains, breads, heavy carbs.  She made sure there were fruits and veggies and un-breaded protein.  I was thrilled.  I easily navigated the food table.  Having fruit and a few meatballs and only 1/2 a deviled egg.  Yes.  I didn't even feel tempted to eat the pockets, crackers, pasta etc.

With the plan there typically is room for a small treat.  My treat was to be a cupcake.  I enjoyed 1..well almost 1.  I'm not a fan of I ate the cupcake bottom only.

Now, was I perfect. No.  I did also have literally 1 sugar baby, 1 lemon head, 1 mini chicko stick and a cigarette(gum) and as the night was coming to a close...I gave in to the rice crispy treats.  I mean really, they were old school treats.  I had to enjoy a taste!  I only had water as my choice of beverage.  Today, I'm happy because I maintained my weight.  I enjoyed myself without feeling deprived and without getting crazy at the table.  I woke up Sunday morning, happy, energized and ready to work out!  No tummy aches, no headache and no regrets!  One day, one meal, one moment at a time!


  1. What a lovely presentation and fun photo opp! I'm going to learn how to navigate before I partake. TFS!

  2. Beautiful setup! Sounds like you all had a fantastic time. Great info. Classygirl, thanks for sharing. I am finally listening to my head first and not my stomach!



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