Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I LOVE to Exercise! no longer a question!

Just to think that back in January 2007, weighing 285 pounds, exercise was the LAST thing on my mind.  I didn't mind walking a little but exercise as in push ups, weight lifting, kickboxing etc......NO WAY!  I could barely stand for long periods, let alone lift my leg or extra weight other than my own body...which was tough enough.

Today, I am a totally different person.  Having kept off over 100 pounds for almost 3 years now, exercising 4-5 days per week and enjoying it.  I just have to write about it.

Sunday, I had the pleasure...yes pleasure of attending Cardio Resistance we do every Sunday.  However, this Sunday our regular instructor was not there.  Therefore, we had a sub and got to try something new.  Of course, you first feel a bit apprehensive but you get over that quickly cause you are there to exercise.  So let's do this.  Well, she kicked it off with a bang...less than 10 minutes in and we all knew we were in for a serious ass kicking!  She stated it at the beginning...that she believed in hard work, why would you come here if you don't want a good work hard...and she never stopped.  She shouted PUSH, you are AWESOME often.  She cranked up the music on her favorite songs while Robert clapped, yelled and looked sweaty and sexy as he worked hard the entire time and there I was sweaty and sexy right next to him...enjoying every minute...motivated the entire time to PUSH!  Yes...I said it...enjoying every minute of it!  She pushed us harder and further than our norm and I LOVED it!  Now, I look forward to our instructor coming back but I will be delighted to see her face in the place again as a sub...anytime.  Perhaps, I'll even look for a few of her classes and switch it up sometime.

I share this not only to share my experience but to say, I didn't like exercise in the beginning of this journey but I remember saying to myself every day, "I LOVE to exercise.  I feel good. I feel happy. This is fun!"  Some people say, fake it until you make it.  I faked it and I MADE it!!!! You can too!

Happy Wednesday People!  Let's GO!

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  1. I’m glad we’re sailing on the same boat. I love to exercise too! Everybody knows what exercising can do to our physical and mental wellbeing. However, it’s not a one-time, big-time action. It definitely needs time, effort, and patience to attain a certain level of fitness. Keep it classy, girl! =)



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