Friday, December 21, 2012

So Long Size 10! Goodbye 2012!

Me...size 10/12.
Goodbye 2012!  It was...cute...revisiting size 10...bordering on a size 12.  However, it's time to get back to that perfect size 8 with a few 6's for good measure.

Over the past year I have lived quite uncomfortably in a 10. I don't like it here and I must do something.  I have learned that a few extra pounds really make a difference.  Which begs the question, "how did I ever get so fat?"

Walking, working out...simply carrying my own body seems to take so much more effort at this size than at size 8.  My joints are unhappy.  How do we allow ourselves all of those extra pounds.  I swear my boobs weigh a ton!  Literally!  They are gushing out of my bra and I refuse, absolutely refuse to buy a bigger size!

So here I am just before Christmas committing to a healthier, happier, slimmer 2013...starting now.

I will do it, I will live it, I will LOVE it...everyday!


  1. You can Do It! BUT you still look nice...definitely a testimony and inspiration. I've settled in a size 10 for years now. Size 8 is nice and you can find the cutest outfits! Wishing you the best. From my family to yours Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration ~ I so see you in that size eight! You're motivating me to revisit WW. You're looking great!



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