Friday, August 10, 2012

Get Fit Friday. Ready for the Weekend.

2lbs down and counting!  Woohoo!

Well it's Friday and time for my Get Fit Friday post.  Nothing too much going on in my world.  Just a pretty good week of healthy eating and exercise.  Gotta keep it together over the weekend.  I'm having my BIG 8th Anniversary Crop tomorrow and I'm feeding a large group of people and it's NOT what I typically would include in my own eating plan.  However, I'll be ready with my salad and some of my favorite healthy snacks in tow.  I will plan to have a treat within moderation.  

Attending a crop or other fun event?  Be prepared by bringing your own eats or bring a healthy dish to share so that you have something good to eat. Also, don't sit near the treat/food table.  You'll be tempted to snack.  One more great idea is to move around, get some exercise.  At my crops we always dance and have some fun activity that requires you to move!

Well that's my story for the weekend and I'm sticking to it!

Have a HAPPY, HEALTHY Weekend,

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