Friday, August 3, 2012

Get Fit Friday - Quality Matters!'s like a breath of fresh air!  Yes, it is FRESH, WHOLESOME food.  If you remember last week I told you how sluggish and heavy I felt and that I was not too happy in class.  However, this week I've made a complete 360!  Not only did I clean up my eating but I thoroughly enJOYed yoga!

After one week of healthy, clean eating I feel lighter, happier, more energized and just so much better.  Last week I talked about being hormonal, knowing that everything I've read about this time in my life says, by choosing healthy foods you can help this transition be more pleasant.  I've got to remember just how good healthy feels...always.  A treat is one thing but 3 weeks of treats is something else.  Oooops!

It's amazing how many people talk about being tired, heavy, bloated, sad, hot etc. yet so few are willing to try changing their diet to see if it makes a difference.  I'm always willing.  Health and happiness first. So glad I have returned to my senses.  So glad I've got a limit!

Bonus:  I'm down 1 pound!  Happy Friday!  I plan to have a WONDERFUL, HEALTHFUL, HAPPY weekend. You do the same!


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  1. Doesn't healthy eating feel great!!!! Glad you're back on track and down a pound!!!!!



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