Friday, August 17, 2012

Get FIT Friday! If It ain't broke, don't fix it!

If it ain't broke don't fix it.  Some time ago, I made a change.  Today, I think that change was NOT for the best.  I changed to a Friday/Saturday weigh in day.  For the duration of my 120 pound weight loss, I weighed in on Monday.  It proved to be such a wise choice.  It kept me on point over the weekend.  Monday, had remained my weigh in day through my plateau's and maintenance. Well,  back in October I changed to Friday, to accommodate going to WW meetings with my neighbor.  Well, here I am month's later and heavier than when I started!  Ok...well...not quite but I really haven't lost much and kept it off.  I lost, I gained.  I lost, I gained. I lost, I gained.

Friday, weigh-ins make me feel like, I can have a treat and make correction during the week before my next weigh in date.  Monday weigh-ins make me feel like, I can have a treat...but keep it simple because Monday is coming.  This proves to be much better for me.  It was imperative to me for me to do it on my own, as well.  I did not want to count points, calories or anything.  I wanted this journey to be all about me and creating a lifestyle I could maintain and simply live..out of habit.  Therefore, I have also given up my WW membership.  It's time to pull out all of those wonderful thoughts, feelings and friends that helped me get here.  It's time to live that lifestyle I created and stop fighting against myself and creating stupid barriers to my success and maintenance.

So today, I say to you back to Mondays...back to business...back to living healthily, happily, easily.


Happy, Healthy Friday.

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  1. Your weight loss journey is so inspiring! I really like the emphasis you put on learning a healthy lifestyle rather than simply losing weight. In my humble opinion (as someone who has lost and kept off 40 pound) it is more important to make your lifestyle one you can maintain and enjoy within the bounds of your caloric needs rather than making your diet the focus of your life. Keep up the good work!



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