Friday, August 24, 2012

Get Fit Friday! Back to Life!

So my eating has been so on point and I am feeling great this week.  Yes! It seems that I am finally beating the cravings.  I've gone back to my regular healthy eating routine:

  • Breakfast: smoothie, veggie omelette or homemade soup
  • Lunch: salad
  • Dinner: lean protein, veggies and a few days a week a whole grain carb.
  • Snacks: fruits, dark chocolate, raisins, nuts and sometimes plantain or green bean chips.

And just by going back to my normal, healthy, eating routine my weight is starting to drop.  I've been weighing everyday...which I do NOT recommend.  I usually weigh only once a week. Starting Monday I'm going back to weighing once a week.  I just wanted to see how my eating was working.  It's been interesting to see,  each day my weight has gone down.

I'm feeling energized and motivated!

Small changes.  BIG results.

With that said, we are going to the Pigs and Peaches Festival today.  LOL!  However, it doesn't start until 6pm, which means we are not there snacking all day.   We are going to enjoy the live music.  We will get a bite to eat.  For me this'll be my dinner. My same rules apply..lean protein...hmmm maybe not so is pork and veggies.  However, I'm not a pork fan other than ribs and I'll only eat around 2-3 bones.  Therefore, I don't think this will be too challenging. Of course, they will have various peach desserts too.  Love FRESH peaches, hopefully they'll have some. Not a big fan of peach flavored dishes. Another plus for me, on this date.

Have a great weekend.  Be happy, be healthy.  Eyes on the PRIZE!


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