Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Scrappy Weekend!

This weekend I had the pleasure of hanging out with my girl Ms. Lisa Renee at a Scrappin' Home Retreat in Flowery Branch, GA.  What a fun weekend. Not only were we at the retreat but this was also the weekend onf the Scrapbook Expo in Duluth, GA which happened to be about 10 minutes from the retreat!  Woohoo!

Needless to say, we took some time away from the retreat to hit the exhibit floor to pick up a "few" goodies!  LOL!

What a fun experience.  I was so surprised to hear people calling out Classygirl or SOC or Scraps of Color when they saw me.  Many people came up to me to tell me how I have inspired them with my weight loss or with my creativity, how much they enjoy SOC.  Those moments will be forever etched on my heart and in my mind.  They were so unexpected and touched my heart in so many ways...especially those who mentioned how much weight they had lost and how I had motivated them or supported them while sharing my story.  I get emotional just typing this.  I am forever grateful for this journey, for being able to share this journey, for those who have taken it with me and for all the kind words and encouragement I have gotten along the way.  Who knew I would touch others lives in such a significant way...so I say, Thank YOU!  YOU, your words, your successes are the true gifts to me.

Ok...pull it together!  LOL!

Now...I have to confess that in all the excitement, I forgot to pull out my camera...so I don't have photos of all these wonderful women! Uuuuughhhh!  I do have the memories and next time, I'll have my camera in hand!  I was pretty bad about taking photos all weekend long.  I only captured a few.  Here ya go...

My scrappy haul from the expo and Archivers!  I'm planning
mini albums and altered art for future projects!  Stay tuned!

I met these wonderful ladies from DC at Archivers!
The only photo I captured meeting others!  LOL

Funny story.  I overheard these ladies talking about a group in the Atlanta area called Scraps of Color!  Of course, I had to stop and introduce myself.  Sweet!  I hope to see them in March!

The only picture I have from the retreat house!

I truly enjoyed attending Scrappin' Home Retreat and met some really fun and nice ladies!  The crop area is beautiful, clean and very bright with plenty of table space for each cropper.  A full kitchen and bathroom right off the crop room makes it quite convenient.  I loved that you could hang up your layouts, as you completed them...see mine hanging behind me.  It was just a great way to share what you had done.  If you are like me at some point you want to walk around and check out what everyone is doing...this made it very easy and added fun, inspiration and easy talking points to the retreat.  

I had a great time. Needless, to say...I'd do it again.  Perhaps I'll plan a retreat soon and you'll come and crop with me!



  1. I'm getting excited for October!!!!

  2. Cool! I'm ready to try something new :)!



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