Friday, July 27, 2012

Get Fit Friday - I've Been Lost!!!

I've been lost in the unbelievably, yummy, gorge of snacks and chocolate!  LOL!  Ok..really that's not funny!  It seems that the hunger monster took hold of me...grabbed my hands, my heart and my mind and took me waaaaaaayyyyy to the bottom, where I could not see family or friends and NO ONE and NO THING could help me.

Well...nothing until by boobs popped out of the top of my bra!  Hahahaha!  Ok...really...that's not funny!  Over the past 3 weeks of my absence...I've gained a few pounds I think anywhere from 3-5lbs. I say, I think because I'm not so sure I'm trusting my scale but we'll see shortly.  Now, it truly was my boobs popping out that made me just stop and take notice.  My boobs always get the weight first and damn it...I am not buying bigger bras!, I'm awake and conscious again!  Whew!

I've started reading and sharing and again learning about peri-menopause, you know the years before menopause where you have the joy of experiencing quiet a few disturbing symptoms.  Well, guess what?  E xtreme hunger can be a sign of hormonal fluctuations.  I mean I've been a "man don't make me fight you over that last bite," kind of girl...LOL!  Ok...really...that's not funny!  I've been a mess.

Well, I survived.  A couple of pounds up.  A good dose of chocolate...loved every bite.  However, I never missed a date at the gym or a glass of water.  That's the good news.  The not so great news is now I've got to lose 18 or 20 lbs instead of 15 and my jar is empty.  LOL!  Ok..really...that's not funny!

I've again learned something about myself, I really do have a weight threshold.  I feel stuffed and tired.  Although, I haven't missed a day and enjoy my workouts...they are a bit tougher with only a few added pounds.  I seriously must've been living in a coma when I allowed myself to go all the way up to 285 lbs.  Whoa!

Well, I'm glad to say, I'm alive, I'm well, I'm here and I'm in control...again.

Until next well, be healthy, BE STRONG!  This too shall pass!



  1. I feel your pain Tiare. Menopause (in all its' stages) is difficult to deal with. Accept that you're human, OK you gained a few pounds but you're aware and you're doing s'thing about it.
    Hugs xx

  2. It doesn't matter how often you fall, as long as you get back up! So glad to know that you are back on track! Now let's do this!

  3. Right there with ya! Right now, it's little Debbie oatmeal cakes. Trying hard to put the breaks on. I am still managing 4 days in the gym a week, so I haven't really seen a big gain. Thank goodness for that.

  4. HOT FLASHES ARE EVIL!!! I've gone through an emotional and physical rollercoaster over the past few months. Menopause combined with a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia sent me into a food frenzy. I need to lose 12 lbs. I can't do too much exercise due to the Osteoarthritis in my knees, upper spine, lower back, and hands along with the fibro, so I'm still trying to figure out what I can and can't do!!

    I don't work out at ALL - my only exercise is the walking that do on my commute to work.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  5. Remember what Donnie McClurkin sang..."We fall down, but we get up"
    Get back 'up' girl. You can do it.



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