Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Haven't Tracked in a MONTH! YIKES!

...and I gained 4 lbs!  Whoa! Put the brakes on.  This ain't a joke.  My life, my health.  This is real..this is me...this is for me and all about me.  So guess what I did today.  I tracked me food. (Well, I planned it..first and if I stray..I'll track it).  Oh yeah!  Part of this journey is being aware of what I eat, how much and knowing what the quality of my intake is.  The only way I know for sure is by writing down every morsel.  Not only does it keep me aware, it helps me to correct and it helps me to lose weight.

You think you know...but you really don't until you write every bite!

Gotta add some FIVES to my jar!!!

Handle it!

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