Wednesday, May 9, 2012

There is NO Rest for the Weary!

Well, it's confession Wednesday!  Last week was not pretty.  Let's get all of my excuses out of the way first.  Last week:

I expected that I would gain...but not quite as much as I did.  I went to the meeting knowing the scale was not going to be my friend, but missing meetings doesn't make the pounds go away and not being aware is an even worse punishment.  I want to know what is before me.  I fool no one other than myself.

The truth is I need the Weight Watchers' meetings.  I need the accountability.  I need to track.  I need to pay attention to what I am eating.  All of these things together equal success.  Although, during this journey I may go up and down in my weight, when I am paying attention, following my program, those gains are rarely, if ever 2+ lbs.  

No matter how much I don't want to go the meetings or how much I don't want to track, the reality is, if I want to live happily, healthily and easily at my goal weight, I've got to pay attention.  I've got to track.  I've got to show up for meetings.   I've got to weigh in.

There is NO rest for the weary!


  1. Be Encouraged. I'm taking my Walking DVD to work today in support of you and a start for me!

  2. Stay strong! As with any journey, there will be detours and rest stops, the object is to keep moving forward. I know you can/will do it.

  3. Although it may not have been a good week, you are entitled to moments like these. I know by now you are back on track.



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