Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Fun Weekend in Photos!

Today, I am recuperating from a weekend of fun and creativity with a bunch of wonderful women!!! 
(I've been away since Friday...hence NO AASE....the fun didn't end until late last night.  I should have it up in the next day or so.)

14 of us get together, every year, twice a year for a scrapbooking and FUN weekend!

We always go out for dinner on Sunday night.  And this year after dinner we stopped at a carnival..not planned...but such fun!
Pretty ladies!

Just silly.  Is that guy checking out our butts???

Erika and I...getting our slide on! 

On Monday, some of us continue the fun by finding a spot somewhere around town to take photos and just have way too much fun!  Here are 4 of my favorites from our fun day.

...and these are just a few of my "me" faves from the weekend.

Camille and I.  I think this is just beautiful!

We all did a photo booth shoot using the photo booth app!  FUN!

Angie and I being silly in the car.  I ❤ Angie.  She is such fun!

No she wasn't driving.  We are in the backseat, cutting up!

Seriously, scrapbooking has brought some wonderful people to my life!  These pictures not only will remind of that but they again celebrate how far I've come!

Once upon a time at almost 300lbs, I was unable to jump. I would've been more afraid to take that slide and that swing, if at all(I used to think everything would break, when I sat on it.).  Although I've always enjoyed being in the photo, today I am more confident and excited about being in the photo.  I have so many photos of people, places and poses...that I missed before.

Ooops!  I almost forgot these!  I worked out too (during the retreat, while the other ladies were still sleeping) and once upon a time, I surely would not have done that!  Oh yeh!

Have a Happy, Healthy Week!  Do something GOOD FOR YOU!!!


  1. You guys always have a blast, tfs!

  2. You guys looked like you were having the time of your life...that's how it's done! Thanks for sharing.

  3. We had a blast as always! I love the post, it helped remind me I need to update my BLOG with photos from the weekend.



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