Friday, April 27, 2012

Great Weight Loss Rewards!

How will you reward yourself, as you work toward your goals?   Remember, food is not a wise choice for rewards.  So many people think well I worked out, I was good etc. and then eat the pounds right back on.  Find something else to reward yourself with.  Rewards are great little pick-me-ups that can keep you motivated.

For this last 15 lb journey, I have involved my husband.  He has agreed to put $5 bills in a jar, 1 for every pound I'd like to lose.  As I lose, I get to move 1 $5 bill to my previously empty jar for every pound I lose.  I recently moved 3 from his jar to mine!  It's mine(for shopping) when I reach goal, as long as that goal is reached prior to Thanksgiving 2012.  He was quite generous with the time.  I keep whatever I earn.  I plan to earn it all...waaaaay before Thanksgiving!

Here are a few more fun ways to reward yourself:
  • manicure/pedicure
  • new dress, pants, blouse or shoes
  • new frame, candles or other collectibles
  • a weekend getaway
  • new movie, video or song download
  • massage
  • spa day
  • new crafty item for your scrapbooking or other hobby.  

How are you rewarding yourself?  Share.  I'd to get more ideas for this journey.  The rewards during maintenance are important too!

The rewards!  Another reason to believe!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day!

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