Friday, April 20, 2012

The Conversation: Something to Learn

So I had what I thought was a weird conversation the other day.  To protect the identity of the innocent, I have changed her name.  Let's just call, creative..huhn?  And we'll call the other, she.

This a shortened version of the conversation.

Me:   Hi.
She:  Hi.  What have ya'll been up to?
Me:   We just got back from working out.
She:  You are already small enough.  You don't need to work out.
Me:   Well working out is not just simply to be thin.  It's for your health.  You've got to take care of you
She:   Yeh, well I guess you need cardio.  But you really don't need to lose anymore weight.
Me:    Well, it's not just cardio or about weight loss.  We take classes for strength and balance too.
She:   Why do y'all need classes.  You already know what to do.
Me.   Well, we prefer taking classes.
She.   Y'all know what to do. Why would you need someone to stand up there showing you?
Me.   We enjoy classes.  Walking on the treadmill and using the machines is boring to me.  I like the
          music and the challenge classes provide.
She:  Well, I guess so.
Me:   (Subject change necessary, so I made it happen).

By now, my head is swelling.  LOL!  However, once I was able to marinate on it, I was able to learn a few things.

  • Sometimes you will come across a negative nelly.  You need to plan the perfect response.
  • Don't allow others to get inside your head.
  • This person was completely unaware of the benefits of exercise. She couldn't see or hear anything past cardio.
  • There is still quite a bit of educating the public that needs to be done about health and exercise.  I'm really trying to do my part.
  • Change the subject if you must but first educate if you can.  (However, know when to give up when attempts are futile.)
  • Be patient with the unknowing.  They just don't know any better!

A few things I've learned about exercise during my journey:

  1. Exercise is not just for cardiovascular health, it is for strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.
  2. Exercise can aid in the reduction and/or prevention of illness.
  3. Exercise can improve your cardiovascular health.
  4. Exercise makes you stronger.
  5. Exercise can help in producing stronger, healthier bones, immune system, organs, glands, skin, hair, eyes. 
  6. Exercise makes you feel better.
  7. Exercise increase your endurance.
  8. Exercise can improve your flexibility and balance.  Great as you get older for preventing falls and injuries.
  9. Exercise aids recovery.  People who are healthy before surgeries are able to heal better, faster.
  10. Exercise makes me feel happy, sexy, strong and simply good!

I'd like to share this with everyone I know.  It's not just about cardio or weight loss.  It's about health. It's about happiness and everyone should experience the JOY!

What did I miss?  What other great health benefits do we gain by exercising?


  1. exercise can adjust your attitude, exactly what "she" needs! LOL

  2. I heard similar comments when I worked out (past tense, but trying to get back in the swing of things now) before! I like the treadmill, but I agree that classes are more fun! In addition to the great list you posted, exercise aids in stress reduction (like #6) and aids in better sleep! Great post!



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