Monday, March 5, 2012

Portion vs Servings! It's all in the Plan!

Controlling your portions inevitably means controlling your servings.  However, many of us are still confused about what is included in a serving.  To make matters a bit more confusing serving sizes vary based on the type of food you are having.  Here is a bit of clarity for you, as you continue to practice portion control this week.  

A portion is the amount of food you put on your plate. A serving is a specific amount of food defined by common measurements, such as cups or tablespoons.  Listed below are some common measurements to help you on journey.  And remember serving sizes are listed on prepackaged foods.  Be sure to read your labels and measure out your servings.

Protein/dairy: Hamburger and more

A 2-ounce patty of cooked lean hamburger is about the same size as two-thirds of a deck of cards and equals one protein/dairy serving, or about 110 calories.
Other protein/dairy servings

1 serving (110 calories)
Baked beans, canned

1/2 cup

1 whole
Fish (haddock), grilled or broiled

3 ounces
Pork sausage, smoked

2 small links
Tofu, firm or silken soft

2 slices (1-inch width)

Carbohydrates: Brown rice and more

One-third of a cup of cooked brown rice is about the same size as a hockey puck and equals one carbohydrate serving, or about 70 calories.
Other carbohydrate servings

1 serving (70 calories)
Bagel, whole-grain

1/2 bagel (3-inch)
Bun or roll, whole-grain

1 small
Cereal, cold, flake-type

3/4 cup
Crackers, whole-wheat

Muffin, any flavor

1 small

Vegetables: Raw spinach and more

Two cups of raw leafy spinach are about the same as two baseballs and equals one vegetable serving, or about 25 calories.
Other vegetable servings

1 serving (25 calories)
Asparagus, cooked

6 spears (1/2 cup)

1 cup florets (about 8)
Green beans, canned or frozen

2/3 cup
Tomato sauce, canned

1/3 cup
Zucchini, cooked or fresh

3/4 cup

Fruits: Apples and more

One small apple is about the same size as a tennis ball and equals one fruit serving, or about 60 calories.
Other fruit servings

1 serving size (60 calories)
Applesauce, sweetened

1/3 cup

1 small

15 whole
Strawberries, whole

1 1/2 cups
100 percent fruit juice, unsweetened

1/2 cup

as excerpted from The Mayo Clinic

Please click here for more information on the proper serving sizes.

Day 5 Reason to Believe: Because you can have a serving of anything you like and still lose weight!  

If you practice portion control, measure your servings and stay within your plan you can enjoy anything you like!  Just plan your work and work your plan  Remember weigh, measure, journal and enJOY!

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