Sunday, February 26, 2012

Get Prepared! Classygirl's 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

Wow!  We have over 50 people joining us for this challenge and the list continues to grow each day!  I am super excited and I am ready to get started.  

With only 5 days until we begin, I thought it would be nice to do a bit of "prep" work.  Expect to receive several messages from me to get you on your way and well prepared to begin on March 1, 2012!

First things first, starting today from this moment forward, I want you to be careful when speaking to yourself!  I want you to be positive.  Remove can’t, won’t and hard from your vocabulary.  I cannot express this enough.  Your attitude is half the battle.  What you believe will be, will be.  Believe you can.  

Think of this journey in positive terms.  Think of all the wonderful ways your life will change.  Think of...pretend if you must, how much you ENJOY working out, walking, and eating healthy. Think about how good you'll look in your new clothing.  How good it will feel shopping for a new size. How much you truly ENJOY eating healthy foods, treating your body well and living a healthy lifestyle.

Yes, you can acknowledge that it is challenging...but acknowledge and move on.  Don't dwell on it.  It's only as hard as you think it think it's fun, easy, enjoyable, well worth it.  Think it makes you feel good, makes you feel happy.

What is your mantra? Say it daily, believe it, write it, live it, breathe it.  

Mine has always been: I LOVE to exercise.  I LOVE to eat healthy.  I LOVE this healthy new lifestyle.  It FEELS so GOOD!

120 lbs ago...I said I say...and today I BELIEVE it and I LIVE it!

Stay tuned. More to come!

...and remember if it doesn't make you feel fabulous get rid of it!  (Including the FAT, the FOOD, the PEOPLE, the MOOD)


  1. wow tiare!! thank you for the pep talk AND the encouragement! im ready to rock this party!

  2. Remove can’t, won’t and hard from your vocabulary. I cannot express this enough. Your attitude is half the battle. What you believe will be, will be.
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