Thursday, January 19, 2012

Me and Jennifer Hudson: I GOT THIS!!!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting the lady, Jennifer Hudson and getting an autographed copy of her book, "I Got This."  She was signing her book at the new Weight Watchers' Center in Kennesaw, GA.

I must admit, when I see Jennifer in the Weight Watchers' commercials she makes me think of myself...we have quite a bit in common: both born and raised in Chicago, significant, successful weight loss, we both like and use Weight Watchers' as our program of choice, she seems quite happy and truly enjoying her slimmer self and she ROCKS those little short dresses and y'all know I can't live without my short dresses!  LOL!

She is smaller in person than I expected, friendly and full of smiles! She is quite an inspiration and I am glad to see her story growing and going in such a positive, uplifting direction, after such a rough start.  She is doing the doggone thang and I am proud to see her "represent!"

Anyway, here are a few photos from the day.

This one is me waiting to me J. Hud!

Next...just before our handshake, she is happy to learn that I too am from Chicago.  (Notice my before photo on the table in front of her.)

Jennifer Hudson's reaction when she sees my before photo...that she is holding in her hand!  FUN!

My neighbor and WW buddy(and one of my biggest cheerleaders), Yolonda enjoyed the day and meeting J Hud too!

It was a fun day and a JOY to meet J. Hud!



  1. Jennifer seems like such a genuine and awesome person! So cool that you had the opportunity to meet her! I hope you scrapbook these awesome photos!

  2. Wow Tiare that is so awesome meeting Jennifer.

  3. How COOL is that!? Wow - I bet that gave you a bit of a boost. Cool Beans!

  4. What a FUN blog post! Tiare.....I'm just so happy for you, girl. I love reading about your success and commitment to living a healthy lifestyle, and too cool....meeting the lovely Jennifer Hudson! The two of you look so beautiful!!! :-)

  5. What a heartwarming story & wonderful opportunity to meet her!



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