Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stinking Thinking: Just Stop It!

Another week...another pound down!  Yeah!  Yes, indeed I weighed in on Friday and I lost another pound.  Yes!  All the closer to my goal.

I am so still LOVING this healthy lifestyle...being able to eat what I want, shopping at any store I want including stores for juniors, exercising and LOVING it, sharing the JOY of health with others.  I'm having a BLAST!

Recently someone asked what I thought was the most important key to my success.  Although, people always think either healthy eating or exercise...my response was attitude!  Attitude is everything!  If you get your thinking right, prepare yourself, keep it positive, I believe you can accomplish anything.

I so enJOY every aspect of this journey and I always focus on the positive.  I think about the GREAT food I get to eat. The foods I love...sweet potatoes, dark chocolate, salads, smoothies, omelets with spinach and sun-dried tomatoes etc.  I dream about new, yummy healthy recipes I get to try, I enjoy ice cream when I want it and a slice of cake if I so choose....in moderation, of course.  No more thinking that because something is healthy it can't be tasty!  I look forward to healthier versions of old favorites! It's a thrill when I find a new way of doing something that keeps my arteries clear and my heart strong!

I wake up looking forward to going to class to sweat!  I love completing a class knowing that I've added activity points to my tracker and that I've worked my heart, mind and body in such a positive way.  I feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of each class.

I love walking into the store and picking up a size 8 and being able to fit it.  I love showing my arms, my legs and wearing high heels and short skirts.  I'm more girly than ever!  I feel sexy and it feels good!

However, this is NOT how my life has always been.  I didn't always have the right thoughts.  I thought, weight loss is hard!  I thought I won't get to eat things I like.  I thought I don't like to exercise.  I don't like shopping.  Not so sexy in this size 26/28!  And let me tell you I never lost a significant amount of weight and kept it off..while holding this thoughts as my truth.  However, one day I decided to just STOP IT!  I changed ALL of my thoughts to positive when I decided to take on this healthy lifestyle change and whether I believed them or not...I thought them and today it is my reality.

So my advise to you is to just STOP IT!  Stop complaining, whining, worrying, doubting, making excuses and start living!  Start enJOYing your life, start focusing on positive thoughts and outcomes, focus on what positive results will occur with your change, what wonderful things you will get to experience.  Now go about planning and making it happen!  And soon enough you too can awake to a wonderful, positive, good, healthy, happy life!

...cause whether you think you can or can't your are right.  Therefore, think YOU CAN!


  1. Thank you, Tiare! Your are such an awesome, positive motivating voice!

  2. You go girl!

    Keep, keep, it up :)

    you look so nice in that coral/red. I love your hair too <3


  3. I want to try ww so bad but money us so tight cant afford or to make market weekly any other suggestions pls

  4. If u only knew how much I needed to hear this. Even though I'm just finding this post a month later. It is exactly what I needed to hear today. Thanks!



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