Monday, December 26, 2011

The Greatest Gift! Before and After!

On Christmas Day I was searching through some boxes and I came across this picture from December 2001.  Seeing pictures of myself at my highest weight or just any weight significantly higher than my current rate, always surprises me.   I am completely FLABBERGASTED!

Finding this picture on Christmas Day was such a great gift.  It is a picture almost 10 years ago to the day.  It is such a wonderful reminder that I have given myself the true, greatest gift...the gift of health, of freedom, of happiness!

I have met some people who think it is absurd that I would share my before pictures with you.  I've even asked some people who have lost weight to share their story.  To my surprise they refused.  They did not want anyone to see their before photos.  They are embarrassed by the photos.   I truly don't understand.  That before picture is ME!  It is a part of who I am, my history.  It is a time in my life, I shall never forget and quite honestly, I want to remember!  It keeps me grounded.  It reminds me of how far I've come and where I will dare NOT to ever tread again.  It is HER that found the resolve to make a change!  SHE had the strength to say, "Enough is enough!  I've got to change my lifestyle."  SHE had the strength to begin walking daily, to share HER struggles with the world, to fight for her health and to NEVER GIVE UP!  SHE is powerful.  SHE is strong.  SHE is ME!  And I LOVE HER for all that she was, is and will be!

Flourish!  2012!


  1. You look amazing & yes its a good thing to share your pics cuz it does keep you ground to remember what it took to get to the NEW YOU!!!
    You as well as your hubby have improved for a better life together & YES you should be proud.
    A Beautiful Couple :))
    Lucinda G

  2. Im so proud of you for what you have accomplished! You look fabulous and I am glad you share your before photos! It gives hope to those who want and need that encouragement.

  3. Thank you for sharing your before photos.
    You looked beautiful then and look fabulous now - both are part of who you are - a true inspiration to us all.
    Hugs xx

  4. Thank you, Tiare for sharing because your before and after photos as well as your journey is so inspiring and encouraging! Happy Holidays!

  5. Tiare,
    Thank you for sharing your story, the before and after pictures are such a great testament to your journey!

  6. Awesome Tiare! We need more people sharing their story just like you.

  7. You are so awesome Tiare. Thanks so much for sharing your story.



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