Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Weight Watchers' Weekly Weigh In

This past week, I weighed in on Saturday.  My typical day is Friday but Friday's have been a bit busy lately so I've been going to the Saturday meeting, which I am enjoying.  The leader is fun, energetic and jazzy.  I like!  Anyway, going in, I simply felt unsure of what the outcome would be.  Afterall, I had been told that I needed to eat more.  Again, a scary thought for someone who wants to lose weight.  I upped my protein intake, as suggested, eating ALL of my additional 49 points, as suggested.  I didn't feel like I had lost an ounce...but the scale will know.  As, I walked up, I started to tell the receptionist to simply write down the results, do NOT tell me...but then she said, "You've lost 1.4lbs."  What?  Wow!  Really!  Cool!  I guess this eating more and exercise thing is working.  Yay!

I must admit on many days I find it tough to take in more food.  I feel satisfied on most days but have to get creative.  I find that peanut butter is a great way to get in more protein.  Although, I can sometimes get a little crazy with dipping the spoon into the jar!  LOL!  2 tablespoons really is enough!

The meeting was pretty good. We talked mostly about where we want to be at the beginning of the year. She reminded us that the holidays are NOT a good time to let go of your healthy lifestyle plans.  The average person gains 10 lbs over the holidays.  If you remember this is NOT a diet but a lifestyle and plan, you can make it through the holidays.  I say this with confidence, through my own experiences!  I plan to make it through without gaining weight.  It is my goal that at the beginning of the year I am close to my goal of 20 lbs down.  Realistically, I think I will be there by February.  Losing 5 lbs a month is very doable.

So far, I'm off to a good start.  The downfall usually begins with Halloween and eating all the treats you allowed in for the Trick or Treaters and now you are faced with the leftovers.  Well,  I don't think that crayons and pencils will taste very good!  LOL!  So glad that I didn't fail to plan because I don't plan to fail!

Have a Happy, HEALTHY day,

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