Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another Pound Down! Weight Watchers and More Holiday Survival Tips

Hi All,

Well, it's after Thanksgiving and I weighed in on Friday, November 25, as promised!  Check out the video for the results and some helpful tips you can begin to use today.  You can also get my holiday survival tips below.  With all of the holiday parties and gatherings coming up more tips are definitely in order!

One of Weight Watchers' Tools for Living, that I use often is Mental Rehearsing.  Mental Rehearsing allows you to prepare mentally to act a certain way in real life.  It's a great tool for any situation.

According to WW, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Imagine the Challenge.  In this case attending a holiday gathering with many eating temptations.
  2. Imaging how it "should" be.  How do you want to feel?  How do you want to react?  Keep these thoughts positive.
  3. Now imagine yourself in the situation and your behaviors.  
  4. Imagine yourself in a healthy way. Play it over again and again.
  5. Use this technique over again and again for various situations.
My mental rehearsing looks like this:
  • A party is coming up or other eating engagement. 
  • Start planning for the event.  Contact the hostess, restaurant etc to get a list of what is being served.
  • Plan your menu and calculate the points.  Remember to practice portion control and/or allocate additional points for the event.  Plan your week in advance!
  • Imagine yourself in the situation, keeping your menu in mind.  Imagine enjoying your menu, as planned.
  • Have an exit strategy to get away from the food, if at a party. (ie. go to another room to socialize rather than socializing around the food or dessert table).
  • Be sure to also imagine having a great time and being satisfied.
  • Replay the situation again and again.  
  • Keep ALL self talk positive.
  • Go enJOY your event and weigh in with a LOSS!
Stay tuned for my easy, pizza idea for only 5 Points Plus!  YUM!

Have a Happy, Healthy WEEK!

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